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The Sopranos Slots


The Sopranos Slots is a destined to be a hit. This is the online slot game that you've always dreamed of. Join Tony Sopranos crew of bad fellas and spin yourself a jackpot!

When you're done watching the HD Video Intro, you join Tony's mafia team as they work overtime to recover their lost jackpots. With a bit of luck, you'll spin your way to 1 of 4 Bonus Games! Win up to 25 free spins and a x5 multiplier while you and Tony climb your way up the mafia ladder.

Level up to Family Mode and you could find yourself with a lot of cash winnings!! In the Raid Bonus Game, your job is to stash Cash Envelopes so no one finds them. Do it right and Tony will compensate you. Make a mistake and you're gonna be sent back to the main game.

The Soprano Family Symbols

Tony Soprano is the top paying symbol of The Sopranos slots. He's worth 3,000 coins when matched 5 times. Tony is also the Wild Symbol. Tony's friends Chris, Uncle June, Bobby Bacala and Johnny Sack all star as the other symbols in the game.

The Sopranos logo leads to Crime Family Free Spins. You can read more about it to the right. Its too complicated for some of the boys, but you look like you got one of those 3 digit IQ's.

Be on the lookout for the Raid Bonus Symbol. When it shows up, it means the cops on are their way. Hide those cash envelopes! Read more about it below and be careful!

Spin with the Sopranos!

Crime Family Free Spins

When 3 Sopranos logos appear anywhere on the reels, you've won your way to the Crime Family Free Spins game. This game has 4 levels - that's why they brought you in. You can win a lotta money here, so pay close attention! Here's how it works:

You start your free spins job as a Soldier and move up to Capo, Boss and finally Family. Nothing's more important than Family. As a Soldier, you get 25 free spins. Chris is your Extra Wild.

The Capo Level is worth 20 free spins with a random multiplier of up to x5! Boss Level is worth 10 free spins and Family Level is worth 10 free spins with Tony doubling your winnings.

Free Spins & Multipliers!

Raid Bonus Game

Tony Soprano is always watching his back and you know why. The cops who aren't on the Family's payroll would love to have him arrested. Its up to you to keep Tony outta trouble.

Here's the skinny - the authorities are about to raid 2 of your hideouts. Tony needs you to stash 4 cash envelopes in 4 hideouts. You can choose to stash between 0 and 4 envelopes in any location.

Once you've stashed all of the envelopes, you can choose whether to continue with your selection or distribute the envelopes again. Only 2 of the 4 hideouts are safe. You win the accumulated cash value of any envelopes that you successfully hide. Be careful with Tony's cash!

Hide Tony's Cash Stash!

Win Jackpots with The Sopranos!

The Sopranos slots is the most exciting slot game of the season. This is the jackpot game that you want to show your friends. When's the last time you played an online slot with 4 bonus games?

We didn't even have room here to go over everything. The Crime Family Free Spins can make you a fortune! Level up as a Soprano capo and win huge payouts with Chris and Bobby Bacala.

The Sopranos Slots Raid Bonus is your ticket to gaining Tony's trust. Can you hide the Family's cash without getting busted? You'd better hope so or Johnny Sack's gonna be real mad. The Sopranos slots is a hit in more ways than one - give it a spin now!

A Jackpot Hit Game!

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